The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – Full Horror Movie

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A surgeon experimenting with transplant surgery keeps his girlfriend alive who was decapitated in a car crash. He saved her head with electrical means and goes on the hunt for a new body. Cortner, a surgeon is obsessed with his experiments. His experiments with transplant surgery have resulted in excessive mutilation of an assistant. In an accident, Dr, loses his girlfriend but finds her decapitated head. He keeps her alive on electrical means and refuses her wish to let her die. He goes out to find a perfect body match for her fiancйe’s head and settles for a model. In the mean time, Jan develops a connection with a brain inside the doctor’s lab that is ALIVE. Hell breaks loose when the brain takes over the lab and doctor’s evil plans. Director: Joseph Green Cast: Adele Lamont, Herb Evers, Leslie Daniels, Virginia Leith Date: 1962.

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