American Virgin – 2009 – HD 720p – Full Movie

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Priscilla White (Jenna Dewan) is a prim and proper girl, who promised herself at her “Can’t Hurry Love Purity Ball” that she will save herself until marriage. She discusses with her boyfriend Brad (Ben Marten), about going to Pennington College where she will start her freshman year as a scholar from her abstinence group. In her dorm room she is greeted by hallmates Chuck (Chase Ryan Jeffery), Kevin (Elan Moss-Bachrach) and his girlfriend Eileen (Ashley Schneider). She meets Natalie “The Naz” (Brianne Davis), her roommate, who is the exact opposite of her: she smokes cigarettes and pot, drinks alcohol, and is very sexually active. She tries changing roommates and later tells Brad on the phone about her dismay about her roommate, but he lies to her as he is at a frat party welcoming Chicks Go Crazy (a parody of Girls Gone Wild) producer, Ed Curtzman (Rob Schneider).

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