Almost Heroes – Award-winner Comedy Series – Episode 1 Season 1

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This Canadian Comedy Award-winner is all about coming home again—if home is a failing comic book store.  After their father’s death, nerdy Peter and Harvard grad Terry reluctantly team up and take over his comic book store. The brothers must put the past behind them, keep their dad’s dream alive and not kill each other in the process. Easier said than done, with these two goofball geeks. Created by real life brothers Jason and Ryan Belleville, the series also stars the very funny Colin Mochrie. So If dry wit and slapstick are your thing (and it certainly is ours), then this is your new favorite show. You’re welcome. Director: Graeme Lynch, James Genn Cast: Paul Campbell, Ryan Belleville, Lauren Ash, Dave Hemstad, Athena Karkanis Country: Canada Date: 2011.

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